Christmas Edibles Round 2

Here we go again with some more festive treats to give that added Zen to your Christmas holidays. This edibles tutorial brings you -

- Christmas Canna-Butter Cookies

- Vegan Festive Fudge

- Cannabis infused Eggnog.

Treat your taste buds this Christmas.

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How To Become A Grower: A Beginner’s Guide: The Grow

So now you know how to grow cannabis you'll need to follow one last final step before you're ready to reap the ultimate benefits. Curing bud is essential to producing the very best this magical herb has to offer.

Learn how to cure your bud correctly..

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Festive Edibles Recipes

Ding Dong Merrily On 'HIGH' - Throughout December we will be bringing you great festive recipes to aid your relaxation process with a little help from our friend Mr. THC.

- Mulled Mary Jane Cider
- Gingerbreadible Men
- Canna-Baubles

Learn how to cook these favorite festive treats with Bush Blaze.

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How To Become A Grower: A Beginner’s Guide: The Grow

Here is the 3rd installment of our super simple beginners weed grow guide - The Grow. Here we will take a closer look at how to easily germinate your seeds in a variety of ways. How to look after your precious plants all the way through the grow and what to look for during harvest.

This simple approach has given consistently good results so why not try today.

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Can CBD Help Alleviate My Back Pain?

Do you suffer with chronic pain? You will have heard by now that CBD may have many potential benefits when it comes to the health of humans and animals.

Here we take a deeper look into the claims and facts of CBD for chronic pain.

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When Edibles Get Us Too High: How To Come Down

Overindulged on that chronic you've been bragging about? Flying too close to the sun? Don't worry, Lydia Hood is here to tell us what we can do to come back down to earth.

Find out what you can do to come back from the midst of a whitey.

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Growing for Beginners - Part 2 - The Seeds

In part 2 of Lydia Barns Grow Guides she explains the importance of genetics and quality of good seeds. Specifically focusing on the ease of selecting and growing for novice or restricted grower.

Find out what strains suit you with the ultimate hassle free grow guide.

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Can CBD Help Depression?

Depression hitting you hard? In this fast paced world it seems we are surely connecting with more people than ever. So why do we feel more isolated than ever?

Spread awareness of depression and its symptoms and see if CBD can help.

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Edible Recipes - Weed Chocolate Banana Cake

Do you want to dip your toe into the world of edibles? With the availability in legalized zones more people are experimenting with upcoming and traditional ways of consuming cannabis. Edibles can be a simplistic and rewarding experience when done right. Especially when using this mouthwatering recipe we have for you.

So if you're looking for a Seriously Tasty Edibles then you're at the right place. Want to know our fail safe recipe? Read on to Infuse your weed with Bush Blaze.

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Growing for Beginners: Growing Made Easy

Do you read blog after blog of Cannabis Grows? Although they are full of useful information; for the beginner they often add unnecessary complications and we end up putting the whole thing off for another day.

This Cannabis Grow Series is aimed at beginners with the "Just do it" mantra. Grow with Bush Blaze for a back to basics grow guide for the beginner Grow enthusiast on a low cost mission.

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21st Century Edibles: Canabutter done right.

This isn’t going to be a recipe for over-cooking your bud in your mothers oven at 2am on a Friday night. We here at BushBlaze like to do things right the first time, so as not to waste any of our precious herb.  For this tutorial we’re going to be using the MagicalButter MB2E 230V, which is our recommended all-in-one herb infuser.

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Cannabis Inhalers Next Asthma Medication and Cancer Pain Reliever

Asthma, lung infections, and different respiratory issues are a few reasons why individuals decide on cannabis utilization strategies other than smoking. Even though numerous individuals consume cannabis, some methods of consumption aren't very appropriate due to a person's physical condition. But luckily, people can...

Find out how cannabis inhalers could help you

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Turbo charge your orgasms by 210%

When you're dealing with stress, anxiety, or racing thoughts, sex can be hard to prioritize. Adding unexpected elements in the bedroom could make the experience worth looking forward to. A new study even suggests marijuana could help women have better sex and more satisfying orgasms.

Can smoking weed before sex make your orgasms even more intense?

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Australia to Legalize Cannabis for Personal Use

They will permit Canberrans of age 18 and above to carry 50 grams of cannabis and cultivate at least two plants.

Revisions made to the first bill expect cannabis to be kept far away from minors and stop adults from utilizing it near children or developing it in....

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