Australia to Legalize Cannabis for Personal Use

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Opposition warns of encouraging drug driving

The ACT shadow attorney general, Jeremy Hanson, addressed the assembly by saying that the Liberal opposition would not favor the bill as it was incorrectly drafted and would prompt various "unreasonable results."

He said it would urge more individuals to utilize cannabis – which medicinal experts state would prompt high rates of psychosis – and more individuals would be convicted because of drug driving.
Furthermore, since it clashed with commonwealth law would be difficult for police.

What about the Commonwealth?

Labor backbencher Michael Pettersson, who presented the private member's bill, said a defense exists for cannabis use under common law if the utilization is pardoned or advocated by state or territory law.

"Commonwealth law has been establishing with the main understanding that there are contrasts," Pettersson said.

"I don't believe it's especially likely the commonwealth government will attempt to denounce this."

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