How To Become A Grower: A Beginners Guide: Buy Cannabis Seeds

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Indica V Sativa

These are the big two names you have more than likely heard when discussing cannabis strains.

There is a general consensus amongst users that Indica strains will give you a more relaxing, calming experience. Whereas, Sativa strains are more commonly associated with an uplifting, lively encounter with the herb.

With all that said. We are looking at the growing aspect of this, rather than the consumption side.

From that aspect of things there are a few options we’re gonna take look at today, which will combine perfectly with the setup we outlined in Part One: Getting Kitted Out to give you the easiest possible ride to producing good quality bud.

Auto-Flowering Strains

Without a doubt the best strains to choose for simplicity are auto-flowering strains. These are strains from the Ruderalis gene pool and can be either Indica or Sativa. Strains with this ancestry will flower automatically (as you may have guessed from the name).

In comparison, ‘Regular’ strains require regular hours of light and darkness, for example, 12 hours of light followed by 12 hours of darkness in order to flower.

This has the advantage that the grower can decide when to start flowering their plants but also the added responsibility of keeping this strict timetable throughout the flowering period.