How to Become a Grower: A Beginner’s Guide

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Where should I put my plants?

Anywhere which has access to light, where you have some control over the temperature and can get fresh air circulating is an ideal grow spot. Meet these criteria as best you can and you’re golden.

My personal preference is a closet, in an air-conditioned room, with a window.

It has the ability to be lit or in complete darkness. The air-con helps to control temperature. Plants like to breathe fresh air.

To get more efficient use of your lights it's best to line the inside of the closet with foil. This will reflect light more evenly around the plant giving fuller, larger buds.

Getting Dirty

Keep it simple guys. Get a couple of pots depending on how many plants you want.
Start with small pots for your seeds to begin with and we can transfer them to larger pots when they begin to grow.

We are going to use composted soil.

Being a keen gardener, I have been composting for years and have a good rich soil supply at home. However, if your fingers aren’t so green you can grab some from any hardware store or garden centre. Make sure it’s composted though as this will provide added nutrients for our little lovelies to flourish.

So... What Have We Got?

To summarise here is everything we need to begin our first grow.

  • A temperature controlled, private closet space.

  • Some CFL bulbs.

  • 3 small pots for seeds and 3 larger pots for later.

  • Composted Soil.

  • Nutrition Kit