How To Become A Grower: A Beginner’s Guide: The Grow

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Germinating in Soil

For me this is the safest option as it is the least invasive to the seed.
Firstly, loosely fill your small pots with soil. Make sure you don’t pat down or compact the soil as this will make it difficult for your little seed to push through. You want the soil to be moist but not soaked. Either use a spray bottle to get all the soil damp, or pour on water and allow the excess to drain through holes at the bottom of the pot.
Once the soil is moist, use a pencil to push down in the centre of the pot about 1.5 cm deep, creating a neat little hole for your seed.
Put your seed in and cover over with more loose soil. Spray water on the soil that covers the seed so that it has moisture all around.
This method will take between 4 and 10 days to germinate. The seed will start growing roots under the soil and eventually a little green will poke it’s head up above ground. Keep the soil moist using a spray bottle but do not over water it.

Germinating in Paper Towels

This is a simple way to get your seeds started but be sure you stick to the temperature guidelines above and ensure you have a clean environment and sterilised equipment.
Take a piece of kitchen towel and run water through it to make it damp but not holding excess water.
Place it on a clean plate and pop your seeds about 3 cm apart from each other.
Place another damp paper towel over the seeds and turn a second plate upside down on top in order to keep light out.
Check on the seeds and moisten the towels with a spray bottle if necessary.
Have a look at the seeds daily and when you have a single sprout about 3 mm in length you can plant the seed tip down in soil in the same way outlined above.

Autos In Vegetative Stage

For auto-flowering seeds this stage will happen quickly and you will see rapid growth within the first 2 weeks of this cycle.
Here it is important to ‘top’ your plant in order to get an equal distribution of growth hormones, allowing your plant to grow wide as well as tall. As the plant grows simply trim the top stems to keep the plant at the height and balance you want.
Topping is essential as in our set up we have limited space, if we don’t encourage the plant to fill out in the bottom we will not get as many buds in the flowering stage.

As auto-flowering plants don’t require a strict photo period you can decide how much light to give them. A minimum amount would be about 5 hours per 24 hours, however for the plants to flourish 18 hours per 24 hours gives them a great advantage.
The lights do not need to be turned on and off at exact times for auto-flowers.

Regular Seeds In The Vegetative Stage

Regular cannabis strains will need a strict photo period.

The lights must be turned on and off at the exact same time each day to avoid stressing them.

For this reason it is highly advised to get a timer. For the vegetative stage we recommend giving the plant between 16 and 20 hours of light per 24 hours.

Try not to open the door or allow light to sneak in during ‘dark’ hours as this can confuse and stress your plant. Imagine if the sun shone for a few minutes in the middle of the night, you'd be pretty confused and stressed too!
Depending on the strain and your space you may also want to ‘top’ your plant as outlined above.

When Can I Harvest?

The easiest way to know when your plant is ready to harvest is to look at the pistils.

These are the long white ‘hairs’ that grow all over the buds. Before harvest time the ‘hairs’ will be straight and white. As the bud becomes ready for picking these ‘hairs’ will turn to a reddish/brown colour and begin to curl in on themselves.

Wait until about 75% of the pistils have curled and changed colour before harvesting.

As we are growing in a small area, it is likely that buds at the top of the plant will develop first as they are receiving the most light. Therefore, it’s a good idea to harvest your plant gradually starting at the top in order to allow light to reach other areas of the plant.
Keep to your light schedule until all of your buds are removed.