How To Cure Your Cannabis

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The Curing Process

The initial choice you need to make is whether to dry whole plants at a time or dry individual buds.

To dry the whole plant, snip the branches off at the stem and remove unwanted leaves that can store water and affect the process. Hang string from wall to wall and either peg the branches on the string or simply hang them using the smaller branches as hooks. Ensure the branches are far enough apart that air can circulate around all buds.

You can also harvest individual buds and dry them in a net rack This is good if you have less space or for small buds. By doing this you are removing the water-holding branches from the equation and therefore it can speed up the process slightly. Hang the rack and place buds on each level giving them room to allow the air to reach each part of the bud.

The Curing Environment

To begin our curing process we need to remove the majority of the moisture. This can take anywhere from around 5 to 15 days depending on the size and density of the flowers. The following conditions are crucial to producing the best quality final product.

Darkness: Just like in the growing process cannabis is extremely sensitive to light conditions. Exposure to light will ruin the potency and taste of your bud. A blacked-out room or dark cupboard are the optimal places to cure your cannabis.

Temperature and Humidity: As we mentioned early, high temperatures will degrade your stash so keep a temperature of between 17-21 °C and a humidity of 45-55%. The easiest way to do this is by using an air-conditioner or dehumidifier to stabilise the environment and ensure conditions remain within these ranges.

Once the buds feel a little crunchy on the outside or small stems snap when bent rather than folding the initial stage is finished. Do not over dry your buds as they will crumble when being trimmed and you will lose a lot of the crystals.