Incense Stick Holder


Wooden Incense Stick Holder with Brass Inlay

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Pretty wooden Incense Stick Holder/Ash Catcher with brass pattern inlay.

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Apple, Blueberry Thrill, California orange, Chick Magnet Cherry, Chronic Hypnotic, Chumpy Chocolate, Cinnamon, Convicted Melon, Cool Menthol, Cotton Candy, Crazy Coconut, Electric Banana, Ghetto Grape, Joosy Froot, Lemon Lime Kamikaze, Manog Tango, Mister Bubble, Nilly Vanilla, Pimpy Fresh Peach, Pomegranate, Pucked up Pineapple, Purple, Rasta Rootbeer, Rippin Raspberry, Silly Strawberry, Spiffy Spearmint, Sweet, Toka Cola.