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Kannastor grinders, parts and accessories.

One of our premium brands of grinder.  Offering beautiful designs, flexibility, ease of use and the tools to clean and maintain.


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Note – When buying a Kannastör® Grinder Please Select “none” in the accessories drop down menu. Add the grinder to your cart and accessories can then be added to your cart separately.

100% Official Kannastör® grinders are the best of the best. Offering exceptional flexibility and a wide variety of options to choose from.

Kannastör® Grinders are the only spice grinders to feature:-

  • A removable screen for easy cleaning and screen replacement.
  • Unique drop thru holes to prevent over shedding of spices
  • Specially designed blades for effortless shredding
  • Screen guard reduces stress on screen.
  • Extra-large storage capacity
  • The original guitar pick tool
  • Also comes with Kannastör® quality 1 year limited warranty *

4-Piece Aluminium Clear Top & Body

These grinders have a clear section in the body as well as in the lid, giving you a tantalising view of your shredding activities, Sharp blades for effortless grinding, Strong magnetic closures, Easy drop through holes, More storage space than other grinders, “O” Ring clip making easy screen removal for cleaning or replacement.

These Grinders are supplied in a display box.

Clear Top & Body available in –

  • 2.2 inches
  • 2.5 inches

Rotary Handle Clear Top & Body available in –

  • 3 inches

Aluminium Clear Top

These grinders have the same features as above but are supplied in a protective drawstring

Clear Top Grinders available in –

  • 2-Piece Clear Top 2.2 inches – (Does not have a screen)
  • 4-Piece Clear Top 2.5 inches – supplied with spare screens (accessible through the “O” Ring Clip)
  • 4-Piece Clear Top 2.2 inches with easy change screen – The easy change screen is a screw in screen with quality machined threads allowing an even easier, no tools required, access to remove the screen for cleaning or replacement.

4-Piece Aluminium Solid Top Grinder

This grinder is a solid top grinder which is supplied with a drawstring bag and spare screens.

Available in –

  • 1.5 Inches

Kannastör® Accsessories

Here at Bush Blaze we like to offer, when available, the essential parts for products we sell. This ensures that your grinder will stay in Tip top condition and provides the support and equipment you need when you need it most. All Spare parts are 100% official Kannastör® manufactured

Kannastör® “O” Ring Pliers

Essential for easy removal of screens where an Easy Change Screen is not fitted. Sure most of us have a set of “O” Ring pliers knocking about in the house. But do you really want that old dirty set coming into contact with your shiny new Kannastör® Grinder?  Why not buy a set branded set made for the job?

Kannastör® Spare Screens (5 per pack)

All Kannastör® screns are available in  – 1.5,  2.2, 2.5 and 3 inches

  • Kannastör® Fine Screens
  • Kannastör® Heavy Duty Screens
  • Kannastör® Easy Change Screens

Our Promise to You

With plenty of options to choose from we will be happy to help guide you to your perfect companion grinder. All 100% Genuine Kannastör®. Just send us a message, We are here to help !!

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Kannastör® Clear Top & Body, Kannastör® Rotary Handle Clear Top & Body, Kannastör® Clear Top, Kannastör® Solid Top, Accessories


1.5 inches 4-Piece, 2.2 inches 4-Piece, 2.2 inches 2-Piece, 2.5 inches 4-Piece, 3 inches 4-Piece, Accsessories


None (Choose this option when buying a grinder), "O" Ring Pliers, Spare Fine Screen For 1.5 inch Grinder, Spare Fine Screen For 2.2 inch Grinder, Spare Fine Screen For 2.5 inch Grinder, Spare Fine Screen For 3 inch Grinder, Spare Heavy Duty Screen for 1.5 inch Grinder, Spare Heavy Duty Screen for 2.2 inch Grinder, Spare Heavy Duty Screen for 2.5 inch Grinder, Spare Heavy Duty Screen for 3 inch Grinder, Spare Easy Change Screen for 2.2 inch Grinder.