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Smooth Draws From a Pipe Absorbs Nicotine and Can Value With Age

Meerschaum (transl. “sea foam”) is a rare mineral mostly found in Turkey. It has a light and porous structure which, when used to make pipes, keeps the smoke cool and soft. The pipe itself becomes a natural filter which absorbs nicotine. Because of this property, Meerschaum pipes slowly change their colour to different tones of gold and dark brown over the years. The longer a pipe is used the more valuable it becomes due to the colour change. Today many old and rare Meerschaums have found a permanent place in museums and private collections. These pipes are made of high quality Eskisehir Meerschaum which is known to be amongst the finest available. Unlike briar, Meerschaum does not burn. Meerschaum pipes do not need pre-smoking to have a good quality performance. You can get perfect satisfaction from the very first smoke.
All our Meerschaum pipes have a continuous hole bored through.
Meerschaum is damaged by water and cleaning products and should only be cleaned with a dry or damp cloth.

Our selection of Meerschaum Pipes are all approximately 10cm long.

In Popular culture the meerschaum pipe is referenced in-

  • Edgar Allan Poe’s short story “The Purloined Letter”.
  • Jan Neruda’s short story “How Mr. Vorel Broke in His Meerschaum”.
  • The character of Hamm in Samuel Beckett’s one-act play Endgame talks about calmly filling his meerschaum.
  • A meerschaum pipe plays a major role in “The Dick Van Dyke Show” episode, “The Meershatz Pipe”.
  • An intricate meerschaum pipe is a major plot device in the film National Treasure.

In the German Language its known as Meerschaum. In geology its known as hydrous magnesium silicate, Light and porous.  In smoking its known as the Ultimate Pipe Material ! The quality of smoke from these pipes is melodiously smooth and flavoursome.

Your Meerschaum Pipes Specification

  • High Quality Eskisehir Meerschaum
  • Aprox 10cm Long
  • Keeps Smoke Cool and Soft
  • Absorbs Nicotine
  • Can Become More Valuable The More it is Used
  • Does not Burn
  • (Clean with a Dry or Damp Cloth)

Which Design Will You Choose? –

  • Indian Skull
  • Peace
  • ANKH
  • Commando Skull
  • Grim Reaper
  • Flat Pipe (May come in any 3 Flat designs)

Please select the pipe in the drop down menu to see the correct image for that pipe. Some designs may differ very slightly from picture


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Indian Skull, Calabash, Skull, Peace, ANKH, Topkapi, Eagles Claw, Commando Skull, Grrim Reaper, Viking, Indian, Skull in Claw, Flat Pipe, Pirate