Mighty & Crafty Vaporizer Spares & Accessories


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Mighty & Crafty Vaporizer Spares & Accessories

Buy your Storz & Bickel Mighty & Crafty Vaporizers from us with confidence. We sell all the spares to keep your new Vapor Maker in tip top condition for years to come.

Compliment your Mighty & Crafty Vapes with accessories such as aids to make filling the chamber a breeze and Car Adaptors & Power Banks to make sure your vape is always ready to go on your arrival.

Generic Accessories-

Mighty & Crafty Filling Aid
Mighty & Crafty Cleaning Brush

Mighty Accessories –

Mighty Power Adaptor
Mighty Car Adaptor
Mighty Cooling Unit
Mighty Screen Set
Mighty Liquid Pad Set
Mighty Mouthpiece Set
Mighty Seal ring Set
Mighty Wear & Tear Set

Crafty Accessories –

Crafty Power Adaptor
Crafty Power Bank
Crafty Car Adaptor
Crafty Cooling unit
Crafty Screen Set
Crafty Liquid Pad Set
Crafty Mouthpiece Set
Crafty Seal Ring Set
Crafty Wear & Tear Set

If you need a new unit for yourself or a friend then please check out the Classic & Digital Volcano Desktop Vaporizer or the Mighty & Crafty Portable Vaporizer.


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Spare / Accsessories

Crafty & Mighty Filling Chamber Tool Kit, Crafty & Mighty Filling Aid, Crafty & Mighty Cleaning Brush ( x3 Pieces), Mighty Power Adaptor, Mighty Car Adaptor, Mighty Cooling Unit, Mighty Cooling Unit ( x3 Pieces), Mighty Screen Set, Mighty Normal Screen Set ( x6 Pieces), Mighty Coarse Screen Set ( x6 Pieces), Mighty Liquid Pad Set, Mighty Mouthpiece Set, Mighty Seal Ring Set, Mighty Wear & Tear Set, Crafty Power Adaptor, Crafty Power Bank, Crafty Car Adaptor, Crafty Cooling Unit Set ( x3 Pieces), Crafty Screen Set, Crafty Normal Screen Set ( x6 Pieces), Crafty Coarse Screen Set ( x6 Pieces), Crafty Liquid Pad Set, Crafty Mouthpiece Set, Crafty Seal Ring Set, Crafty Cooling Unit