Can smoking weed before sex make your orgasms even more intense?

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Studying the Facts

Another study in 2017, which was carried out by researchers from Stanford University, showed a direct correlation between frequent weed smoking and frequent sex.

However, this research was focused on women's pleasure and orgasms, particularly where the existence of an orgasm gap— the difference between males and women in orgasmic activity — remains.

Cannabis users are more free-spirited

The US National Family Growth Survey, which has researched over 50,000 individuals also come to a conclusion that marijuana users have intercourse more frequently than non-users.

The findings were compatible with males and females, religions, ethnicities, education and incomes in all age groups and these results have been consistently repeated over several years.

Studies challenging UK Law

Studies like these are now blazing up against the existing marijuana laws in Britain. While medicinal forms of cannabis oil were made legal in the UK under strict conditions in November last year, forms of marijuana with the THC element are categorized as an illegal class B drug.