When Edibles Get Us Too High: How To Come Down

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Keep Calm and Breathe

OK so maybe the most obvious advice anyone ever gave but it’s also good advice. The idea is to slow your breathing right down.

Fill your lungs with deep breaths in before exhaling in a slow controlled manner.

Breathing in this meditative style will not only help to oxygenate your body but will also have a calming effect. It helps to reduce anxiety and panic that will amplify your uneasiness.

The Wonders of Water

Hydration is important throughout your usual high anyway but when you’ve hit the back wall it’s a really good way to help bring you around.

Drinking water will provide immediate relief for that dry mouth to start with. It also helps to regulate your body temperature and can prevent dizziness experienced through dehydration.

Of course, you may prefer to choose an alternative to water although I would advise staying away from certain things. Firstly, caffeinated drinks are likely to dehydrate you more. Alcoholic beverages are equally not advised as they can thin your blood and therefore lead to a higher THC to blood ratio. There are also people who believe that orange juice can make your high more intense, although I haven’t felt that effect personally, I would still avoid the OJ if I’m trying to get back to earth.

The Best Advice of All: Know Your Limits

The above techniques, counteractions and tricks will certainly help you if you feel you are falling out of control. However, the best and number one piece of advice is to know your limits.

Take it easy. This is not a competition.

We want to enjoy our highs, to spread the love and experience the good things that come from our beautiful herb.